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Install Your Next Cable Trough System Faster With Chalfant's RKS-Magic Cable Trough

Available to Electra Sales of Tennessee customers, RKS-Magic cable trough systems from Chalfant feature innovative, screwless straight connectors that can be secured in a blink of an eye, allowing fast and easy installations. Simply connect the ends of the cable trough, lock them in place - and you're done!

The RKS-Magic cable trough is available in 1" and 2" side heights and a comprehensive range of fittings with bends, tees, add-on tees, and cross-overs complete the system. Additionally, 90-degree bends and vertical risers (rising/falling) are available for vertical changes or direction and the system also includes all types of connectors (straight, angle and adjustable) and additional accessories such as dividers, joint plates, mounting plates, and covers.

To learn more, contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas or Tennessee representative or visit Chalfant online at


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