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Install Wall and Ceiling Boxes Faster Allied Moulded's SLIDERBOX Family

Available to Electra Sales of Tennessee customers, the SLIDERBOX family of non-metallic adjustable wall and ceiling boxes from Allied Moulded are designed for applications where the wall substrate thickness goes beyond the standard 1/2" wallboard, making them ideal for both new and old construction.

Unlike other adjustable mounting boxes, there is no need to remove or relocate mounting screws to reposition the box. SLIDERBOX is designed with slots to help retain the slider plate and guide it in a straight motion. The SLIDERBOX also features internal rails that guide the slider plate for smooth mounting adjustability, a square design for easy cut-ins, molded spline device holes for quick device screw installations, and much more!

Contact your Electra Sales of Tennessee representative to learn more or visit Allied Moulded Products online at


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