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Install Raceways Faster With Western Tube

Attaching couplings to EMT and conduit might not seem to waste much time, but you’d be amazed at how quickly the seconds add up.

Western Tube offers our Electra Sales of North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas customers a full line of products with pre-installed fittings to help contractors install raceways faster. With SpeedCouple, SmartSet EMT, and SmartCompression EMT, you will be saving time and eliminating frustration.

The SpeedCouple is a pre-installed swivel coupling that connects conduit quickly and cuts material costs by as much as 50%, compared with three-piece couplings. It is also easy to work with; just turn the SpeedCouple, not the conduit.

SmartSet EMT is a coupling that comes with an engineered steel set screw coupling on one end to eliminate the need to buy and install separate couplings.

SmartCompression EMT is a pre-installed compression coupling that can be installed three times faster than standard compression couplings. With SmartCompression EMT, just connect and tighten!

Learn more by visiting Western Tube online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas representative today!


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