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Improve Aesthetics With Intermatic's Low-Profile Expandable In-Use Weatherproof Covers!

Available to our North Texas and Oklahoma customers, Intermatic's Low-Profile Expandable In-Use Weatherproof Covers provide a sleek alternative to traditional in-use weatherproof cover options.

These covers are designed with an expandable front window that can be collapsed to save space when it is not in use. This feature improves aesthetics while providing code-compliant protection for a variety of outdoor applications. Additionally, they are easy to install, easy to access with a no-hassle latch, are available in single or double gang varieties, are available in white, gray, or bronze, and their surface is 100% paintable to match any décor.

Contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative to learn more or visit Intermatic online at https://bit.ly/3eGk0nn.

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