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Ideal for Corrosive Environments, Electri-Flex Offer six Different Stainless Steel Liquatites

Did you know that Electri-Flex Company has an entire Stainless Steel product line with six different types of Liquatite?

Comprised of Types ATSS, ATXSS, LTSS, LSSFG, ZHSS, and Unjacketed SSL, Electri-Flex's stainless steel flexible conduits are perfect for corrosive environments that require high mechanical strength. These conduits are available in a variety of sizes, are non-magnetic, and have a higher crush strength vs. standard steel cores. Ideal applications include chemical processing, water treatment plants, oil and gas refineries, food processing, wastewater treatment, shipbuilding, steel mills, power plants, transportation, utilities, and marine applications.

Visit Electri-Flex online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative to learn more.


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