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Haydon's H-Block Rooftop Support Systems are 100% Made in America!

You may know that Haydon offers H-Block Rooftop Support Systems, but did you know that these systems are LEED certifiable and are compliant with the American Reinvestment Recovery Act (A.R.R.A.) and the Buy American Act?

Yep, you heard right! H-Block Rooftop Support Systems are made entirely of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, and they are also 100% Made in America!

H-Blocks are compatible with most rooftop materials, and they have been designed to outlive the lifecycle of rubber roof membranes to ensure they will not need to be replaced before the roof. In addition, they are UV resistant, dampen vibrations, are resistant to freeze and thaw, and will not deteriorate.

Learn more by visiting Haydon online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Arkansas, or Tennessee representative.



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