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H-Strut Metal Framing Systems From Haydon are Reliable and Flexible

Electra Sales of North Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee customers, are you looking for high-quality H-Strut metal framing system? Look no further than Haydon Corporation.

Haydon's H-Strut metal framing systems are reliable and flexible. They are comprised of a series of metal channels and fittings designed to fill a wide variety of construction requirements ranging from supporting sprinkler systems and electrical conduit to OEM applications such as scaffolding and conveyors.

Additionally, no special tools are required to install Haydon's H-Strut, it can be customized to each job, it is UL listed, and is 100% domestically manufactured.

Contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Arkansas, or Tennessee representative for more information or visit Haydon online at


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