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Grow Light Science Selects Electra Sales of Oklahoma and Arkansas!

Electra Sales is excited to announce that we are now representing Grow Light Science in Oklahoma and Arkansas!

Grow Light Science, or GLS, manufactures high-quality grow light solutions. At GLS, their approach is to offer the best spectral distribution of Photosynthetic Photon Flux, or PPF, on the market at the lowest cost.

Through the use of a precise mix of light-emitting diodes, GLS's fixtures help plants thrive and provide the appropriate level of PPF, the portion of emitted photons plants care about, with an optimum spectral distribution, or mix of wavelengths. When compared with many of the best-selling LED lights on the market today, Grow Light Science comes out on top in most key metrics including efficacy, fixture price/PPF, fixture price/watt, and annual electric cost.

Visit Grow Light Science online at or contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma or Arkansas representative for more information!


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