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Ensure a smooth pull with Priority Wire & Cable!

Take a look at Priority Wire & Cable, Inc.'s paralleling and pulling eyes!

Combine multiple colors of aluminum XHHW or THHN in any of their ten colors 🌈, have them install the pulling eyes, and Priority will spool the wire onto the reel with their high-speed paralleling machine! This ensures a smooth install on site as soon as your Priority Wire & Cable shipment arrives.

For more information, contact your local Electra Sales representative or visit Priority Wire at

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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
Jun 26, 2023

It becomes vital to ensure that the electrical wiring that is done is safe and secure for everyone at home to use. In a new house, everything is done from scratch and hence things are conveniently planned accordingly. Always hire Electrical Contractors Phoenix because they install the best and most secure wires for installation on your property.

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