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Enerlites Floor Boxes Blend Seamlessly Into Their Environments While Providing Easy Power Acces

Available to Electra Sales of Arkansas customers, floor boxes from Enerlites are constructed to give customers the ability to create unique and customizable solutions for any layout.

Backed by cutting-edge design and manufacturing, Enerlites Floor Boxes blend seamlessly into their environments and pop up for easy access to power but can be simply snapped shut when they are not in use. They are ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications including wood, carpet, and concrete floors. These Floor Boxes are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, offer easy terminal connection, and are available with USB charging receptacles. They also feature 20A tamper-resistant duplex receptacles, which include internal shutters to prevent the insertion of foreign objects.

Learn more by contacting your Electra Sales of Arkansas representative or by visiting Enerlites online at


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