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Electri-Flex's Type LTSS is Flame Retardant and is Resistant to Sunlight, Oils, and Mild Acids!

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas and Oklahoma customers, Type LTSS from Electri-Flex is an oil-resistant, liquidtight stainless steel flexible conduit designed for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration, and bending.

The inner core is constructed of a corrosion-resistant continuous strip of 304L Stainless Steel while the jacket is constructed of a Flexible PVC that is resistant to oils and mild acids, is flame retardant, and is sunlight resistant. Type LTSS is ideal for applications such as water and wastewater, healthcare, defense, and more!

For more information, contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative or visit Electri-Flex online at


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