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Electri-Flex introduces an all-new Cross Reference website tool!

Customers of Electra Sales of North Texas and Oklahoma, Electri-Flex has released a brand-new Cross Reference website tool!

Check out the two new search bars in their website's header. Users can enter competitor part numbers to populate equivalent Liquatite product type matches in the Cross Reference part number search bar, labeled "Search by Competitor Product." With over 1,500 competitor part numbers matched to Liquatite conduits, users may now look up product types to size, color, and length. Additionally, users can download the spec sheet or click through to the product page. The second search bar, labeled "Search Product Type or Number," allows users to quickly lookup Electri-Flex products by name or part number.

For more information, contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative, or visit Electri-Flex online at to learn more!


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