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Easily locate hot terminals with Sperry Instruments!

Electra Sales of North Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee customers, the Sperry Non-Contact Voltage Detector and GFCI Outlet Circuit Analyzer Kit are the best for every homeowner. Engineered to specifications required by professional electricians, this kit features audible and visual indicators on both components.

Applications include quickly locating hot terminals in receptacles, pinpointing breaks in wires, and detecting the absence/presence of voltage at outlets, circuit breaker panels, light fixtures, switches, and motors. The Stop Shock II Circuit Analyzer makes it easy to test GFCI receptacles and determine the appropriate wiring correction. The GFCI tester uses advanced circuitry and an industry-original design to precisely detect the required low resistance (less than 10 ohms) on ground wire and provides a clear and easy-to-understand single LED readout indication without the need to memorize or decipher a dual-indication chart.

Contact your Electra Sales representative in North Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee for more information, or visit to learn more!


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