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Discreetly Hide Electric Heat With the OTS Series From Ouellet!

Discreetly hide electric heat with the OTS Series from Ouellet!

Available to Electra Sales of North Texas and Arkansas customers, the OTS series is a trench floor insert heater designed to be installed under a floor level grille inside a site-built trench.

The OTS Series is versatile and allows for custom and architecturally pleasing heater design applications in locations such as bay windows, lobbies, commercial buildings, condos, and restaurants. With its 3 ¾" high and 5" wide profile, sturdy steel construction, and availability in 36", 48" and 60" lengths, the OTS is easily installed and concealed. It is available in three different Watt densities and comes standard in black, but is available in multiple color options.

Learn how easy it is to hide electric heat by contacting your Electra Sales of North Texas or Arkansas representative or by visiting Ouellet online at


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