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Did you know that Aleddra has a Wellness Product line?

Electra Sales of Arkansas customers! Did you know that Aleddra has a Wellness Product line?

This line consists of multiple different lighting fixtures that are designed to improve air quality, reduce the chance of spreading disease, and help adjust the body's circadian rhythms in homes, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, senior living communities, and more.

Aleddra's fixtures are able to do this through UVC and UVA lights, ViraPure, and Circadian Lighting. UVC and UVA typically work together to kill bacteria and viruses in direct line of sight while ViraPure works to trap and decompose bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Circadian Lighting calms down biological activity at night to increase restful sleep through blue-depleted light while blue-enriched light stimulates biological activity during the daytime which both contribute to a healthy immune system.

Check out the entire Wellness Line at

Learn more by contacting your Electra Sales of Arkansas representative or by visiting Aleddra online at


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