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Cut Down on Material Costs While Saving Time on Every job with Western Tube's Labor Saving Products

Every second matters when you’re working on an electrical job. Attaching couplings to EMT and conduit might not seem to waste much time, but the seconds quickly add up. Western Tube’s full line of SmartCompression EMT, SmartSet EMT, SpeedCouple, 20' EMT and Rigid Conduit, and Color EMT and Rigid Conduit are all designed to not only save you time on installations but also help to cut down on material costs, inventoried items, and more!

SmartCompression EMT with pre-installed compression couplings install three times faster than standard compression couplings and they reduce the number of loose parts on the jobsite. With SmartCompression EMT, just connect and tighten! Plus, the smooth ID coating allows for faster wire pulling. Download the flyer here!

SmartSet EMT features an engineered steel set screw coupling on one end allowing for faster installs. With SmartSet EMT, there is no longer a need to purchase, inventory, and install separate couplings. Download the flyer here!

SpeedCouple pre-installed swivel coupling cut material costs by as much as 50% and with features such as lead-in threads, connecting conduit is much faster than standard three-piece couplings. Just turn SpeedCouple, not the conduit. It’s available on rigid metal conduit and intermediate metal conduit. Download the flyer here!

20' EMT and Rigid Conduit reduces coupling costs and installation time by 50% when compared to traditional 10' lengths. 20' EMT and Rigid Conduit is ideal for long-run applications such as warehouses, data centers, big-box retail stores, and airports. Download the flyer here!

Color EMT and Rigid Conduit make it easy to highlight important circuits or to hide them in plain sight! Color EMT and Rigid Conduit is available in eight vibrant colors that will not crack, flake, or fade! Download the flyer here!

Visit Western Tube's online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas representative to learn more about these labor-saving products!


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