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Customize the Finish of any Property with Techlight's Genesis Gen2 LED Landscape Bullets

Available to Electra Sales of Oklahoma customers, the Genesis Gen2 line of LED Landscape Bullets from Techlight are versatile LED fixtures that provide various beam spreads and wattages, allowing for a customized finish to any property.

Designed for 120V operation in high-end residential applications, the Genesis Gen2 is designed to last. It features a die-cast aluminum heat sink construction with 24 heat dissipating fins to maintain a cool operating LED for maximum life. A cathodic epoxy electrocoat primer, or E-Coat, is applied to all die-cast aluminum components to provide ultimate corrosion and chemical resistance. For added protection, a super durable polyester powder coat finish is electrostatically applied to the fixture after the E-Coat.

Learn more by visiting Techlight online at or by contacting your Electra Sales of Oklahoma representative.


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