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Create long lasting labels with HellermannTyton!

Customers of Electra Sales North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, HellermannTyton North America's CIJ4800 uses pigment-based ink, an industrial-grade advantage over dye-based inks. This ensures that your labels and signage will stay visible over time!

Many commercial inkjets use the same ink technology found in home offices. Dye-based inks perform well initially but tend to bleed if wet and won't withstand abuse in many industrial environments. In contrast, pigment-based inks are formulated to withstand exposure to chemicals, solvents, water, and excessive UV light. The CIJ4800 printer uses an all-in-one color cartridge for simple inventory and a straightforward replacement process.

For more information, contact your local Electra Sales representative in North Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas, or visit HellermannTyton online at to learn more!


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