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Control Your Lighting with TandemLED from Task Lighting

Imagine if you could have your lights automatically adjust to the time of day - warm, soothing light in the morning, bright light in the afternoon, and soft light in the evening while you wind down. With TandemLED from Task Lighting, you will be able to do just this.

Available to Electra Sales of Oklahoma and Arkansas customers, TandemLED Lighting is a two-wire, tunable white LED Lighting technology that adjusts LED lights from Warm White 2700K to Cool White 5000K and anywhere in between. This allows for versatile personalized lighting throughout the day while maintaining high lumen output. TandemLED technology can even be paired with WAV (Wireless-App-Voice) Smart Control receivers which allow the lights to be controlled through a wireless remote, smartphone app, or voice.

Want to see TandemLED in action? Check out the TandemLED Visualizer where you can navigate through a model home and adjust the color temperature at

For more information, visit Task Lighting online at or contact your Electra Sales of Oklahoma or Arkansas representative.



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