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Connect Large Size Cable Without Sacrificing Conductor Protection With Bridgeport's MC-FLEXFIT

Easily connect large size cable without sacrificing conductor protection with the MC-FLEXFIT series of adjustable end stop connectors from Bridgeport.

With heavy-duty steel construction, these connectors have been designed to support large sized MC Feeder Cable and are available in sizes ranging from 1" - 2". They feature an innovative one-piece armor stop and insulated throat that provides greater conductor protection and a two-position/two-screw hinge design that allows for a large cable range without needing separate bushings.

Additionally, installing these connectors is as easy as one, two, three:

One, position the hinge to one of the two cable ranges.

Two, adjust the armor stop.

Three, secure the cable.

It is that easy! Need to see it to believe it? Watch Bridgeport's informational video at

For more information, visit Bridgeport online at or contact your Electra Sales representative.


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