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Connect Cable Tray Faster with Atkore US Tray's Eagle Basket Tray Featuring QUICK-LATCH Technology!

Trusted across the communications and electronics industries, Atkore US Tray's Eagle Basket Tray is a welded wire mesh cable tray designed as an affordable solution to keeping cables in order and protected.

Setting this wire mesh cable tray apart from the rest is QUICK-LATCH, an innovative, zero hardware splicing system.

QUICK-LATCH, or self-splicing bars, come preinstalled on all wire basket straight lengths, eliminating the need for nut and bolt type connections and making installations fast and easy. It also has an AUTOLOCK feature that locks the tray into place for a secure connection. Additionally, US Tray offers a full like of QUICK-LATCH accessories that are ideal for design-builds and expansion to existing grids.

Contact your Electra Sales of North Texas representative or visit Atkore US Tray online at for more information.


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