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Chalfant's Ladder Tray is a Dependable and Cost-Effective Cable Routing and Supporting Solution

Available to Electra Sales of Tennessee customers, Ladder Tray from Chalfant is a safe, dependable, and cost-effective solution to routing and supporting cables.

Ladder Tray provides benefits such as a greater fill volume, less stress on cables during installation and operation, simplified maintenance and modification, can be used as an equipment grounding conductor, and longer support spans up to 55'. It also increases safety because there is no moisture condensation problems or transmission of corrosive or explosive gases.

Ladder Tray is available in multiple materials, tray widths, rung spacing, fittings, and lengths. Learn how you can use Ladder Tray in your next project by visiting Chalfant online at or by contacting your Electra Sales of Tennessee customer.


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