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Chalfant's GR-Magic Cable Tray is Self-Connecting, Allowing you to Save Time on Every Install

Available to Electra Sales of Tennessee customers, Chalfant's GR-Magic cable tray is a patented self-connecting wire mesh tray solution that saves time on every job!

This innovative wire mesh cable with "magic" ends allows installers to connect tray lengths in a single snap creating a strong, secure joint while eliminating the need for excess tools and hardware. Additionally, GR-Magic cable tray meets or exceeds numerous industry standards, allows for in-field adjustability, and is available in all standard sizes and finishes!

Check out what GR-Magic Cable Tray can offer you!

Labor Savings - Compared to traditional wire cable tray, an installer can cut their installation time in half when they switch to GR-Magic cable tray. This is partly due to the elimination of excess tools and hardware traditionally needed to make a linear connection.

Field Flexible - GR-Magic cable tray can be easily configured to navigate around corners, up and down sloped surfaces, intersections, and even level changes. Just like traditional cable tray, these changes can be made on-site and with Chalfant's full complement of accessories, you will be able to complete any job!

Self Connecting - GR-Magic cable tray features an innovative snap-in design that creates a strong, secure joint while eliminating the chance of an unstable connection due to a missing or loose bolt. Just snap it in place and it is secure!

Versatility - GR-Magic cable tray is a versatile and lightweight solution perfect for various applications such as oil and gas, marine, solar, data centers, and more. Along with this lightweight design comes the ability to span great lengths with strength and security.

Industry Standards - GR-Magic meets all industry standards for strength and deflection limits, and it meets or surpasses all industry requirements for UL Listing, fire resistance, IEC ratings, and much more!

Available Sizes and Finishes - GR-Magic cable tray is available in all standard widths, depths, lengths, and all standard finishes such as electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, painted, aluminum, polyethylene, and stainless steel.

Download Chalfant’s GR-Magic Cable Tray Catalog at to review all GR-Magic’s innovative features and to check out available accessories, fittings, and more!

Contact your Electra Sales of Tennessee representative for additional information or visit Chalfant online at


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