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Chalfant's BKRS Tray is Built for Heavy Loads, Stamping Feet, Dirt, and Dust

Are you looking for a cable tray that is sturdy enough to be walked all over?

In our Arkansas and Tennessee territories, the BKRS Walkable Cable Tray from

Chalfant is here to end your search.

BKRS Tray can easily handle heavy loads, stamping feet, and offers users safe access to machines and systems. In fact, if all mounting specifications are followed, Chalfant guarantees a traffic load of up to 2023 lbs!

BKRS is manufactured from 12 gauge steel, has a non-slip treaded covers that are over 1/4" thick to ensure solid footing, and BKRS is available in a 4" side height and widths from 4"-24".

To learn more, visit Chalfant at or contact you Electra Sales of Arkansas or Tennessee representative.


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