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Bridgeport Gains UL Listing for Zinc Raintight Connectors to be Used in Female Hubs

Problem solved and application approved!!

Female hubs in conduit bodies and GRC hubs are listed for use with GRC conduit only. A common practice was to screw an EMT connector into these hubs or bodies, BUT this is not a listed application NEC 300-15F. When transitioning between two wiring methods, you must use a Box or Fitting listed for the application.

Bridgeport Fittings has been hard at work trying to solve this issue and has finally come up with a solution.

They have modified their pitch and designed a new locknut on all Zinc Raintight connectors to allow these fittings to be used in Female hubs, and recently gained UL approval for this application. Additionally, they have gained UL listing for their Zinc EMT couplings and connectors 2-1/2” and larger to be used for Raintight on GRC as well as EMT.

Contact your Electra Sales representative for more information or visit Bridgeport online at


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