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Bergen Industries, Gardner-Bender, King Innovation, and Sperry Instruments Select Electra Sales

Electra Sales is excited to announce that we are now representing Bergen Industries, Gardner-Bender, King Innovation, and Sperry Instruments in North Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee!

As part of ECM Industries, these brands focus on innovation and have supplied electrical products for residential construction, commercial construction, alternative energy, landscape and irrigation systems, utility, and automotive markets for over 50 years. Read on to learn more about these brands!

Bergen Industries is a recognized leader in the design of construction and maintenance temporary lighting and electrical products.

Gardner Bender is an electrical industry leader within the contractor and DIY market, offering more than 5000 products in connectivity, wire management, and construction equipment.

King Innovation is a recognized leader in designing and manufacturing innovative construction-grade products for the irrigation, electrical, gas utility, and landscape lighting markets.

Sperry Instruments is the professional’s choice for electrical test and measurement instruments, offering a new generation of innovative, patented, and labor-saving devices.

To learn more, contact your Electra Sales of North Texas, Arkansas, or Tennessee representative or visit ECM Industries online at


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