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Aleddra's Troffer Pro Plus Reduces Airborne Viruses and Bacteria!

Utilizing ViraPure patented technology, Aleddra's Troffer Pro Plus provides long-term protection against airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, and allergens.

Available to Electra Sales of Arkansas customers, the Troffer Pro Plus features a high-density PECO coating throughout the housing and lens, allowing the Troffer Pro Plus to continuously clean away viruses and bacteria making contact with the surface. Its replaceable ViraPure air filter can effectively reduce airborne viruses and bacteria and self-air-circulation allows for faster airborne microbial capture.

The Troffer Pro Plus improves air quality and reduced the chance of spreading air-transmitted diseases, making it ideal for any school, office, hotel, hospital, senior living facility, nursery, and much more.

Visit Aleddra online at or contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas representative for additional information.


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