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Aleddra's Classic Sanitizing Circadian Overbed Light Offers Health and Wellness Benefits

By combining UV Germicidal Lighting and Circadian Lighting in one aesthetic design, the Classic Sanitizing Circadian Overbed Light from Aleddra offers health and wellness benefits.

Available to Electra Sales of Arkansas customers, the Classic Sanitizing Circadian Overbed Light uses UV-C (265nm) and UV-A (395nm) LED for effective reduction of certain commonly seen infectious bacteria and viruses in hospitals by 99% in 10 minutes. The built-in triple safety mechanisms, UV start-time delay, flashing warning light, and timer, safeguards the user from UV exposure. For the general lighting mode, the lighting can be adjusted as necessary to accommodate the needs of different sleepers. It can direct light down, up, or in both directions.

The circadian lighting feature's blue-enriched light stimulates biological activity during daytime and blue-depleted light calms down biological activity at night. This fixture is ideal for use in hospitals, senior living, and assisted living facilities.

To learn more, visit Aleddra online at or contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas representative today!



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