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Aleddra's Award-Winning Air-Sanitizing Desktop Lamp is a Must-Have!

Available to our Electra Sales of Arkansas customers, Aleddra's award-winning Air-Sanitizing Desktop Lamp is a must-have for offices, classrooms, homes, and more.

Unlike many UVC-based sanitizing devices that can be harmful to skin and eyes, the Air-Sanitizing Desktop Lamp from Aleddra is ultra-violet (UV) free allowing for effective and continuous air-sanitization even when occupants are in the room. These lamps utilize an air-filter coated with ViraPure, a high-density photocatalyst material that is activated by the LED light source, and a built-in fan. When airborne pathogens are trapped on the lampshade, the activated ViraPure will remove the trapped pathogens while the fan circulates air allowing for the removal of additional pathogens.

For more information, contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas representative or visit Aleddra online at


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