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Aleddra's Air-Sanitizing Desktop Lamp Wins LED Magazine's 2021 Sapphire Award!

The Air-Sanitizing Desktop Lamp from Aleddra was recently announced as one of the winners of LED Magazine's 2021 Sapphire Award and it is easy to understand why.

Unlike many UVC-based sanitizing devices that can be harmful to skin and eyes, the Air-Sanitizing Desktop Lamp is ultra-violet (UV) free allowing for effective and continuous air-sanitization even when occupants are in the room. These lamps utilize an air-filter coated with ViraPure, a high-density photocatalyst material that is activated by the LED light source, and a built-in fan. When airborne pathogens are trapped on the lampshade, the activated ViraPure will remove the trapped pathogens while the fan circulates air allowing for the removal of additional pathogens. The Air-Sanitizing Desktop Lamp has shown to have a 99.5% deactivation rate of the H1N1 influenza virus and a 99.9% kill rate against the SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-II Alpha (UK) variant.

Check out the full Sapphire Award announcement at!

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