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Aleddra Introduces Self-Testing/Self-Diagnosis Gen4 Emergency T8 lamp!

Aleddra sets another industry standard with the introduction of the new self-testing/self-diagnosis Gen4 Emergency T8 lamp!

Available to our Electra Sales of Arkansas customers, this lamp operates as an energy-efficient T8 during normal operation and can be turned on/off via a wall switch. In the case of a power outage, it will last over 90 minutes on battery.

More importantly, this lamp will automatically self-test for 30 seconds each month and for 90 minutes annually. With this new feature, lighting audit requirements are met with no labor cost. If any malfunction is detected during self-testing, such as insufficient battery capacity, the warning indicator on the lamp will flash and alert the team.

With its labor-saving features, the lamp gives the end-user the best return on investment and the best emergency lighting option.

Contact your Electra Sales of Arkansas representative to learn more or visit Aleddra online at


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