Reduce Changeout Downtime by up to 50% With Meltric's Switch-Rated Plugs and Receptacles

Make the switch to Switch-Rated! Available to Electra Sales of Arkansas customers, Meltric's Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety of a switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one reliable, cost-effective device.

Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles feature Decontactor technology with spring-loaded silver-nickel butt contacts, push-button disconnection, enclosed arc chambers and dead-front construction that eliminated exposure to live parts and arc flash hazards. Additionally, Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles hold UL and CSA ratings, simplify compliance with NFPA 70E, reduces changeout downtime by up to 50%, and easily meets NEC Line-of-Sight disconnect requirements.

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