Not all Transformers are Built Alike, but MGM Transformers Company has Your Back

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Not all transformers are built alike, but MGM Transformer Company has your back! Stock units are ready to ship and offer the important features you are looking for.

With side and bottom conduit access, mounting is convenient, and Lifting Eyes makes for an easy installation through a removable cover. Core and coil support and Grounding Lugs, make sure important components are secure and vibration isolation pads and tightly hand stacked electrical steel cores provide quiet operation. MGM's transformers also allow for quick connections with staggered front end taps and staggered high voltage and low voltage terminals.

Additional features include a Standard NEMA 3R indoor/outdoor

enclosure that is powder-coated with durable paint, a fiberglass terminal

board, tap jumper cables, and six standard taps, and they are available with aluminum or copper windings.

Learn more by visiting MGM online at or by contacting your Electra Sales representative today!