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MP Husky Selects Electra Sales for North Texas

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Electra Sales is excited to announce that we are now representing MP Husky in North, East and West Texas. Electra Sales also represents MP Husky in Oklahoma.

Founded in 1955, MP Husky has grown to become America's leading manufacturer of UL CSA NEMA cable tray, wire mesh/basket cable trays, UL CSA NEMA cable bus, and nuclear cable tray systems. Throughout the years, one thing has remained constant -- the Husky drive to be the most reliable, highest quality, cost effective and innovative cable tray and cable bus manufacturer in the industry.

With more systems installed in more industries and environments than any other manufacturer, you can rest assured that MP Husky has the experience and capability to meet your most demanding requirements.

Learn more at www.mphusky.com or contact your Electra Sales sales representative today!

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