Introduce Fresh Air and Mitigate Viruses With Air King's ERV and HRV Systems!

Introducing fresh air into living areas is an effective tool that not only increases indoor air quality but also helps to mitigate viruses. This begs the question - what is the best way to introduce fresh air?

Air King’s ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) or HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation) systems are one of a homeowner’s best options. They are mechanical solutions that bring fresh air in while exhausting stale “bad” air out. ERV and HRV systems allow users to control the temperature, humidity, and airflow of incoming air, creating energy savings and lessening the impact on HVAC systems.

The AKHV160 Heat Recovery Ventilator is an air exchanger that ensures fresh air is coming into the home while keeping heat in, creating balanced ventilation while The AKEV160 Energy Recovery Ventilator is an air exchanger that transfers heat and moisture between incoming and outgoing airstreams, creating balanced ventilation.

Both of these units can be installed as a fully ducted system, an extended exhaust system, or as a simplified system for continuous or intermittent ventilation. They are constructed of lightweight aluminum for an overall weight of just 30 pounds, some of the lightest HRV and ERV units on the market. They have an insulated interior to reduce sound level, a durable white enamel finish, and removable and cleanable polyester air filters. These units’ design allows for easy access to the interior of the unit through a latched door and test ports on the front cover allow for airflow verification without having to remove the ducting.

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