Cable Bus From MP Husky Cable is Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Maintenance-Free

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Available to our Electra Sales of North Texas and Oklahoma customers, Cable Bus from MP Husky Cable is field-proven for over 45 years to be the most reliable, cost-effective, flexible and maintenance-free, low to medium voltage (600V - 69kV), high amperage (1000A - 8000A) power distribution system available.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this UL cable bus consists of a fully enclosed and ventilated aluminum cable bus housing that is designed to utilize up to 40% less conductive material, providing significant cost savings over non-segregated phase bus duct, conduit and wire, and other electrical feeders. MP Husky's cable bus is also CSA certified, lightweight, and does not require any special heavy erection equipment to allow additional labor-savings.

To learn more, visit MP Husky online at or contact your Electra Sales of North Texas or Oklahoma representative.