AirKing's Exhaust Fans Remove Excess Moisture, Contaminants, and Odors From the air we Breathe

Exhaust fans are an important part of every living and working environment. They ensure that excess moisture, unavoidable contaminants, and odors are being properly removed from the air we breathe.

AirKing understands this importance and offers a variety of exhaust fans for many different applications. Available to Electra Sales of Arkansas and Tennessee customers, the ECO Motion and Humidity Sensing with LED Light Series are versatile exhaust fans that are designed for ease of use.

These exhaust fans come in four different models, are easy to install, are UL listed, are ENERGY STAR certified. This fan also features an 8 watt LED lamp and an integrated motion sensor and humidistat. The motion sensor detects when the room is occupied and turns the fan on and once the room is vacated, the fan continues to run for a preset amount of time to make sure proper ventilation has occurred. The humidistat senses the humidity level of the room and turns the fan on until the humidity level is below the preset percentage.

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